Using SPOT to Ensure Safety on the Job

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The acronym SPOT stands for four factors that play a huge role in keeping metalworkers safe while on the job. Here at Sullivan Precision, safety is our first priority. We introduce those four factors here.

Matching the speed and size of the accessory to the speed and size of the tool is critical. Just because an accessory fits on a tool does not mean it is safe to use them together.

Using the appropriate pressure for handheld power tools and accessories contributes to safe usage. In many cases, the weight of the tool is sufficient pressure when you’re using the proper accessory at the appropriate speed.

Using a tool or accessory at the proper angle to the workpiece is another factor contributing to safety. When the angle is too great, the operator isn’t using the entire work surface. If the angle is too low, it has a potential for kickback, making it harder for the operator to control.

Using an accessory for too long can lead to safety issues and poor product performance. Investing in high quality, heavy duty products leads to longer life span and greater efficiency, but knowing when to retire an accessory is equally important.


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