Welding System Perfect for Joining Dissimilar Materials

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Automation Alternatives recently introduced a fiber laser welding system called RubyLaser that is perfect for joining dissimilar materials. Its spot size is as small as 0.001 to 0.002 in. and fast weld speeds allow the system to deliver high power density. These characteristics make it perfect for welding together materials that are not identical.

Typical materials include stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, nitinol and more.

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Using SPOT to Ensure Safety on the Job

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The acronym SPOT stands for four factors that play a huge role in keeping metalworkers safe while on the job. Here at Sullivan Precision, safety is our first priority. We introduce those four factors here. Continue reading Using SPOT to Ensure Safety on the Job

Ancient Metalworking

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Metalworking hasn’t always looked like it does now. Continue reading Ancient Metalworking

Different Gases Used in Oxyfuel Cutting

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Continue reading Different Gases Used in Oxyfuel Cutting

A Deeper Look Into The Steel Industry

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Here in the United States, we prosper from a high demand for the steel industry, much like other emerging markets such as India. Yet, there are issues with industry stock space. This article, published by Zacks.com, details the current status of the steel industry, the future of the steel industry from an investors stand point and more.

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Russia’s Severstal to Sell Two Metal Plants for $2.3 billlion.

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Severstal, a Russian steel maker is selling two of its American facilities to two of its competitors, Steel Dynamics an AK Steel, for a hefty $2.3 billion dollars.

The Russian steel maker invested in the international expansion before the financial crisis hit, and now they’re looking to cut their losses. In response to the crisis in Ukraine, the United States has tightened its policies on Russia’s access to financial tools. However, the sales of the two facilities are primarily the results of a struggling business.

This acquisition of the two facilities should be a great step for the United States steel industry. Jeff Largey, steel analyst at Macquarie Securities, said, “I think this is a positive development for the U.S. steel industry. It leads to further consolidation of the market by U.S. producers.”

Other foreign producers have also noticed struggles in the U.S. market. German steel maker, Thyssen Krupp, was forced to sell its facility in Atlanta for $1.55 billion.

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Original article written by: Stanley Reed, The New York Times