Advanced Energy Technologies are Calling for Advanced Metals

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With technology advancing in energy production, the metals industry has to follow suit.

The metals industry is in need of materials that can match the brutal conditions of the unstable environments that our new energy sources are generating from. Solar, wind, tar sands, water, etc. And since onshore and off shore oil isn’t going away, metal products, in the “traditional” energy categories, are still being used today. Bottom line is, metals in technology are here to stay.

Renewable energy now delivers nearly 13 percent of the electricity in the United States. With this industry advancing, no longer are there one or two manufacturers that are producing parts for renewable and natural energy components. Because of the energy boom, there are more producers, which causes more competition and innovation. It’s a tried and true pattern. When there is competition, there is innovation, because the competition has to differentiate themselves in a way that propels the industry into the future. Think Apple and Microsoft, the space race, etc. Innovation is fueling the metals industry, allowing these advancements in energy technology to reach new territories. We are currently drilling oil in places we could never dream of, all because of metal advancements.

Solar energy is making significant changes as well. Higher quality components, such as wiring and substrates, are boosting efficiency and production. Solar energy is now becoming a mainstream energy producer, being used both by consumers and businesses.

Without metal advancements, there would be no technological advancements in energy.

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