$148 Million Metal Research Center to be Built in Detroit

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On Wednesday July, 23rd it was officially announced that there is going to be a federally funded metals research institution built in Detroit, MI. This institution, American Lightweight Materials Manufacturing Innovation Institute, will cost around $148 million.

The focus of the institution is to move new, top of the line metals from research into automobiles, aircrafts and ships used in commercial settings as well as the United States military.

A leading factor that went into the decision to pursue this institution, according to President Barack Obama, is the creation of jobs. The metals and technology industry has lost an immense amount of jobs to foreign markets, but this institution is creating jobs right here in the United States.

“I look forward to seeing the innovations that will come out of the institute that will transform American manufacturing.” – University of Michigan President Mark Schilssel

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Full article written by: The Associated Press