Saving Steps and Increasing Accuracy: Plasma Technology

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Multitasking is something that has revolutionized every industry one could possibly imagine. Think about it. The “Swiss Army Knife”, headphones that let you talk on the phone, kitchen appliances with clocks/alarms/timers/etc., the smart phone, the “Spork” and much, much more. Being able to perform multiple tasks at once allows us to consolidate time and effort, and in return we’re able to produce or perform at a faster and higher rate. Multitasking has found its way into plasma technology, and it’s causing quite a splash.

Profile Cutting Systems saw an opportunity to infuse new life into established technology by developing an automated, multitasking plasma bevel head able to cut steel plate with a bevel or straight edge and weld prep at the same time. The fully programmable Zero Offset plasma bevel head can cut and bevel ¼ – inch to 3 1/8  – inch plate without limits on cutting direction. ”

Leon Cotte, the director of PCS, explains that years ago, if you were to cut a square from a plate, it would have to be moved to a “layout bench” where someone would punch holes for the drilling process. Then, other workers would bevel those specific marked areas by hand. Cotte also explains that this new technology has been met with some resistance.

Like many new technological advances in the manufacturing world, they often cut out the human element, and subsequently, cut jobs from hard working individuals. This technology has also seen some resistance because change is hard in the manufacturing world. When you have done things the same way, for years and years, change can be intimidating.

But John Zuehlke, the vice president of sales at PCS, goes into a little more detail about the technology, proving its innovation and usefulness in the manufacturing world. He says that, “If you are cutting a square, for example, our plasma bevel head can make a 90-degree turn without offsetting the cutting machine.” No other system has this capability. Due to this zero offset feature, there will be an exponentially lower amount of scrap; something the industry is always trying to do.

Cotte ends by saying, “When it comes to our plasma bevel head technology, increased productivity, reduced factory noise and labor savings speak for themselves.”

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Original article written by: Lynn Stanley

Photo courtesy: Profile Cutting Systems

Manufacturing: Pushing America’s Workforce Forward

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Manufacturing output and employment are steadily growing for the first time in nearly ten years, according to Penny Pritzker – Commerce Secretary. She opened with this information at The Big M, a conference focused on manufacturing and technology.

There is a revitalization and regeneration in the manufacturing and technology industries that is starting to happen, and it’s an opportunity to usher in new jobs and new investors. Pritzker commented on this opportunity U.S. manufacturers have,

“America cannot afford to be left behind,” she said. “We have to do better and we have to do more.”

This manufacturing boom can partially be credited to the Commerce Department’s plan to make the United States manufacturing and technology sector a highly sought after area for both domestic and foreign investors. This allows for more workers trained, more jobs, more investments and a stronger manufacturing sector of our economy.

Thriving manufacturing areas of the United States will be introduced to Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership network (IMCP). It is a development program, funded by our federal government, which distributes 12 grants to perpetuate the continued growth regions are already experiencing in the manufacturing sector. This program focuses on worker training, a priceless tool all manufacturing professionals need.

“For America to compete, it is all of our responsibility to educate and train the workforce,” said Pritzker.

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Welcome to the Sullivan Corp. News and Blog Page

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Welcome to the Sullivan Metals news and blog section of our website. Here you’ll find weekly news and updates on the Blanchard grinding and metal services industry, as well as blog posts and news articles that are all about Sullivan Corp. We’ll be posting fun pictures and videos, updates on what’s happening behind the scenes here at Sullivan Corp., and much more. We want this to be your one stop shop for all things metal.

If you’re new to Sullivan Corp., let us tell you a little more about what we do. We offer an enormous amount of metal services ranging from Blanchard grinding, which is synonymous with Rotary Surface grinding, flame cutting, fabricating, machining, sawing, abrasive blasting, stress relieving and more. Our services can be offered to, but not limited to, machine shops, metal service centers, OEMs, fabricators, pattern shops, tool and die shops and machine builders throughout North America.

But, let’s take a closer look into Blanchard grinding, and why we offer the best services in the industry. For those new to Blanchard Grinding, technically referred to as Rotary Surface Grinding, is a metal service that quickly removes stock from one side of a part. Abrasive stones are used to remove stock from the work-piece. Magnetic materials are held in place with an electromagnetic chuck. Dimensional tolerances of approximately 0.001″ parallelism and flatness per foot of diagonal of part are achievable on Blanchard Grinders. Surface finish typically will run 63 micro-inch RMS and as high as 32 micro-inch RMS with certain material. Using significantly greater horsepower than other grinding methods, Blanchard Grinding removes large amounts of stock quickly and efficiently. Non-ferrous materials can also be ground, but require special work holding arrangements.

Not only do we provide the highest quality Blanchard grinding services the industry has to offer, using the most advanced equipment available; but we also house and run the world’s largest Blanchard grinder, a 200” monster of a grinder!

Check back soon for more news and updates from Sullivan Corp.