Welding System Perfect for Joining Dissimilar Materials

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Automation Alternatives recently introduced a fiber laser welding system called RubyLaser that is perfect for joining dissimilar materials. Its spot size is as small as 0.001 to 0.002 in. and fast weld speeds allow the system to deliver high power density. These characteristics make it perfect for welding together materials that are not identical.

Typical materials include stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, nitinol and more.

Read the full article on RubyLaser here.

Using SPOT to Ensure Safety on the Job

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The acronym SPOT stands for four factors that play a huge role in keeping metalworkers safe while on the job. Here at Sullivan Precision, safety is our first priority. We introduce those four factors here. Continue reading Using SPOT to Ensure Safety on the Job

Ancient Metalworking

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Metalworking hasn’t always looked like it does now. Continue reading Ancient Metalworking

Different Gases Used in Oxyfuel Cutting

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Continue reading Different Gases Used in Oxyfuel Cutting

Build Your Next Home with 3-D Printers

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Taking technology out of the lab and into the world, ETH Zurich is working on the world’s first house made with 3-D printers and robots.

The home will be three stories tall and is expected to be completed next year.

Check out this great video from BBC to learn more.


Four Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know About Manufacturing

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Continue reading Four Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know About Manufacturing

Inspiring the Younger Generations to Work in Machining

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In May, the Mazak Midwest Technology Center hosted the 26th annual Precision Machining Competition to honor excellence in precision machining skills among Illinois high school students. Over 250 students from 19 local high schools submitted more than 300 parts for this year’s contest, which culminated with an awards ceremony on May 11.

Read the full press release from Mazak here.

Technological Advances in Oregon Could Save Industry Millions

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An Oregon startup may have developed a technology that could potentially save the specialty metals industry hundreds of millions of dollars in energy costs.

The system, developed by KW Associates, is added to titanium and nickel refining furnaces that drastically reduces waste and improves overall safety in the melting process, according to Oregon BEST.

“Our technology could save 40 to 50 percent of the energy currently lost in the use of these furnaces, while improving ingot quality, and reducing much of the $800 million in lost revenue through material waste and associated electrical inefficiencies each year.”

– Paul King, president and CEO of KW Associates.

Click HERE to read the full story.

Original article posted in The Portland Business Journal

Manufacturing: Pushing America’s Workforce Forward

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Manufacturing output and employment are steadily growing for the first time in nearly ten years, according to Penny Pritzker – Commerce Secretary. She opened with this information at The Big M, a conference focused on manufacturing and technology.

There is a revitalization and regeneration in the manufacturing and technology industries that is starting to happen, and it’s an opportunity to usher in new jobs and new investors. Pritzker commented on this opportunity U.S. manufacturers have,

“America cannot afford to be left behind,” she said. “We have to do better and we have to do more.”

This manufacturing boom can partially be credited to the Commerce Department’s plan to make the United States manufacturing and technology sector a highly sought after area for both domestic and foreign investors. This allows for more workers trained, more jobs, more investments and a stronger manufacturing sector of our economy.

Thriving manufacturing areas of the United States will be introduced to Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership network (IMCP). It is a development program, funded by our federal government, which distributes 12 grants to perpetuate the continued growth regions are already experiencing in the manufacturing sector. This program focuses on worker training, a priceless tool all manufacturing professionals need.

“For America to compete, it is all of our responsibility to educate and train the workforce,” said Pritzker.

To read the full article on ffjournal.com click here.

photo courtesy: ffjournal.net


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