Energy Monitoring System to be Installed at the Olympic Winter Games 2018

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General Electric (GE) has partnered with the Olympic Games to install an Energy Monitoring System (EMS) that is “expected to enhance stability and reliability of power supply” at the 14 Olympic Games venues “through real-time energy monitoring…”

This system will ensure fast response and repair in the event of a power outage at any of the venues, as well as collect power consumption data that allows for more efficient power use during the 2018 Games and beyond.

GE is one of the many companies we work with, and we are excited to see how this system will make future Olympic Games more enjoyable than ever before.

You can read GE’s official press release here.

Breakthrough in Micro-Sized, Liquid Metal Particles for Heat-Free Soldering

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Martin Thou, and his lab, have a philosophy that guides all of their exploration and innovation in the world of engineering and high-level science. Their philosophy is, “How do you do very high-level science or engineering with very little?” Another guiding principle is, “Whenever possible, nature should do pat of the work.” And, these exact philosophies and guiding ideas have played a major part in their new breakthrough, micro-sized metal particles that can be used for heat-free soldering.

Thou’s work is often in the realm of renewable energy, energy conservation, and reducing toxic emissions. With heat-free soldering, there is exponentially less energy being used, that was used to power the soldering machines.

Click HERE to read the full story from Science Daily.