3-D Printers Are Changing The Game

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Less than a decade ago, 3-D printing was something you saw in a Sci-Fi film. It was this inconceivable idea that was in the “too good to be true” category. Jump ahed to today, and 3-D printing has revolutionized countless industries, businesses and individuals.

Not only are manufacturing companies, government programs and engineering firms profiting from this technology; but individuals now have reasonable access to these machines and can turn their home workshop into a craftsman’s dream workshop.

These machines we call 3-D printers began printing with plastic materials and creating prototypes, molds, models and beyond. A car was even 3-D printed! But, what really changed the game, was the introduction of 3-D printing with metallic materials. What used to take weeks to fabricate, now takes mere hours.

The benefits of 3-D printing are exponential. Because these machines can produce parts with exact precision in such a timely manner, manufacturers are now able to push out more work, bring more work in, lower cost of production and help the entire industry.

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