Paralympics Performance Improved by New Technology

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The 2016 Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro, which invited over 4,300 athletes to compete in 23 events, concluded this past September. Denise Schindler, a 30-year old cyclist and World Championships medalist, also won a silver medal for her efforts in the Paralympic event. Prior to the games, Schindler used a standard prosthetic leg, which reportedly often caused her pain. She realized she needed a customized prosthetic that would not only fit her better but also help her avoid common injuries that can occur during races. Schindler worked hard with a British designer and manufacture to help her create the world’s first 3D performance prosthetic, which she ended up wearing during her event.

They were able to create a 3D printed model that was significantly cheaper than the competition on the market today. In addition to the affordability, the product was lighter in weight, about a third to be exact over her last prosthetic, which proved to be beneficial to her and boosted her performance. So congratulations Denise Schindler on your big win at the Rio games! We cannot wait to see what else has in store for you in future competitions.

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