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3D Printing With New Materials

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It seems that everyday, universities, private companies and small start-ups are pushing the boundaries of what 3D printing can truly be capable of. One day we’re printing cars, the next we’re printing clothes, the next we’re printing buildings and beyond. But, this new advancement in 3D printing technology is tackling the idea of 3D printing in an entirely new way. A team at the University of Bristol has developed a 3D printer that can print composite materials.

These composite materials range from sports equipment to airplane parts. Take for example a golf club. By manufacturing a club with a 3D printer, you’re able to design a club to a players exact specifications, flawlessly. This technology has only scratched the surface of what it can be capable of, but by pushing the technology into new printing materials, the 3D printing technology can now be utilized and explored by a vastly larger population. It’s no longer a technology of the future, it’s truly a technology of now.

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